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Photo album generator with thumbnails and slideshow

If you're looking for a photo album that's comprehensive, easy to use and good looking all at the same time, then Thumb Studio is an interesting option..

This program takes your photos and creates a photo album that can be instantly uploaded to your webpage via the developer's FTP server. You can create albums with previews and different colours in both HTML and Java. The program allows you to select exactly where to position the album on your webpage. You can customize image sizes, rows, columns, color, fonts, spacing, width and buttons as well as add watermarks to your images. For easy organisation and identification, Thumb Studio also supports EXIF which allows it to automatically detect contrast and aperture settings for your images. One big added bonus of this whole package is that it does not require any kind of sign-up wither like Picasa and Flickr do. Alternatively, you can upload the images to your own webserver or use it as off-line album in pure HTML.

An interesting alternative to all the photo albums out there that are sluggish, bloated and full of features that you'll never use.

Thumb Studio supports the following formats


Thumb Studio is an easy to use image gallery, thumbnail, slideshow and web photo album creator for everyone.

Its also an image converter, which allows you to create 3 different image sizes at once, convert them to a different format.


  • Easy to create slideshows
  • Makes managing your photos via thumbnail a pleasure
  • No sign-up procedure


  • FTP uploads can be rather slow

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Thumb Studio


Thumb Studio 1.5 for PC

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